At Cogen we are experts in cogeneration projects. We also make the companies who place their trust us more profitable. This has been possible by uniting our experience in this sector with a business vision, acting as our customers’ true energy partners, who can devote themselves to their activity without worrying about this task.


When you have been working with cogeneration for so many years, working with companies in such diverse sectors, you have the ability to respond to all kinds of demand. We approach each project in a comprehensive way, we are a unique supplier with the necessary resources to meet all the needs of cogeneration facilities.

Energy asset outsourcing

Our experience allows us to integrate within the structure of the client, in the simplest way, with the aim of achieving immediate improvement in the optimization of all processes.

Investments that increase energy efficiency

At Cogen, we invest in energy production, assuming complete responsibility for the plants, including the construction and operation of the facilities. Always including two requirements: high energy efficiency and minimum environmental impact.

Management and optimization

We created Energy by Cogen in order to be closer to our customers and take care of all the operations they need to perform within the electricity market, both in production and consumption.

Operation, maintenance and service

We take care of the day-to-day running of the cogeneration plant. We are responsible for the start-up, daily controls, supervision, stock management, revisions... including a global vision seeking energy savings.
Cogeneration is one of the most efficient technologies to cater to the industrial processes that demand simultaneously heat and electricity. That's why it's so important to have a partner like Cogen, who has worked for different industries and we know how to get the best results in all of them.


If everything you can do for your customers before you've done it for you, the confidence to get the best results increases. This is our case, as our plants are a perfect example of everything we propose: effective, profitable and always up to date.

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Over our
20 year

We've learned to move in a sector where change is constant. Evolve energy markets, the legislation varies, the needs of the industry... Adapting to all situations and customer demands is one of our strengths.

About us

Since 1999, at Cogen we take care that energy only becomes advantages. Our goal is to develop and exploit cogeneration projects and help the industry reduce its energy costs and improve the safety and quality of energy supply needed for its industrial processes.


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More important than what we do, it’s what we can do.