When you have been working on cogeneration projects for so many years, working with companies from such diverse sectors, you gain the capacity to respond to all types of requests. We tackle each project comprehensively; we are a single supplier with the necessary resources to cover every need required by cogeneration facilities.

Energy asset outsourcing

Our experience allows us to integrate within the structure of the client, in the simplest way, with the aim of achieving immediate improvement in the optimization of all processes.

All Cogen’s work results in a company being able to focus on its main activity, leaving the integral management of the power plant in our hands. In other words, each company takes care of the part that it masters best. In this task sharing, Cogen assumes the operational, market and financial risks, among others, of the cogeneration plant and we undertake the realization of necessary investments.

Obviously, we take care of the gas supply and the sale of electricity. Via our electricity trading subsidiary, ENERGY BY COGEN, we act as your market agent/representative for all the installations that make up the portfolio. Since 2012 we boast a control centre approved by Red Eléctrica, which acts as a Delegating Office for all the plants that make up the portfolio, as well participation in the electricity market adjustment services.

Investments that increase energy efficiency

At Cogen, we invest in energy production, assuming complete responsibility for the plants, including the construction and operation of the facilities. Always including two requirements: high energy efficiency and minimum environmental impact.

Our main investment focus is on high-efficiency cogeneration plants (CHPs).

Basic engineering and project feasibility examination
Planning and execution
Operation and exploitation of assets
Optimization of existing installations
Legalizations and administrative processing

Management and optimization

We created Energy by Cogen in order to be closer to our customers and take care of all the operations they need to perform within the electricity market, both in production and consumption.

The first thing we do is to carry out an energy audit and thereby acquaint ourselves with the current profile of thermal and electrical demand, after which the points for improvement are identified. At the same time, the thermal processes are re-engineered to increase the energy use of the cogeneration plant. In order to define the real demand, we observe the operating regime of the thermal equipment on a daily basis in order to maximize the result of the cogeneration assets.

Operation, maintenance and service

We take care of the day-to-day running of the cogeneration plant. We are responsible for the start-up, daily controls, supervision, stock management, revisions... including a global vision seeking energy savings.

We work, together with your own team of operators, in the day-to-day running of the plant, bringing adding value to each of the processes. We monitor and follow up production in real time to ensure that the expected performance of the production equipment is reached.

At the same time, we define and carry out the maintenance plan for all generation equipment, taking into account the operating regime, pending its regulatory useful lifespan, as well as the environmental requirements according to fixed, applicable regulations (NOx, SOx, CO emissions, etc).