At COGEN we have always been committed to people’s safety and health, but in the current context of the global outbreak of COVID 19 we have adapted to the special circumstances of the health crisis in order to mitigate the possible impact of the consequences of the virus on our customers, employees, suppliers and society in general.

From COGEN we send our best health wishes for all of you and your teams. Moreover, we encourage you to continue complying withhealth recommendations against COVID 19. We want to inform you that during the state of alarm we continue working and ensuring that our facilities are operational and full performance.

We carry out the work in our Plants with the necessary and indispensable personnel and using extreme security measures. The rest of the company continues teleworking to provide the usual service to our customers.

Despite the difficult circumstances in which we are facing, we continue working to ensure the provision of our services and we are proud to be able to contribute to the maintenance of essential services that, in these extraordinary moments, are of vital importance for the whole society. If you have any doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us via our usual channels of communication.