COGEN has developed a SPECIFIC operation, maintenance and energy management model FOR COGENERATION PLANTS, which ensures maximum equipment availability and performance and optimal operation from the economical point of view. It aims to offer a quality service providing total satisfaction regarding our customers’ requirements, with the highest degree of competitiveness, and adhering to UN-EN-ISO 9001 standards. In addition, making this compatible with sustainable development, complying with environmental legislation requirements, those relating to the UN-ISO-14001 standard, occupational health and safety as defined in the ISO 45001 standard and with other requirements that the organisation endorses concerning these aspects.

Investment in the ongoing training of our workers will be encouraged, seeking their motivation, in being able to apply the best technology available for the organisation and in being aware of any current standards related to safety in the workplace and the Prevention of Occupational Risks.

COGEN is committed to continuously improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, Environment and Health and Safety at work. The main tool is prevention, however, all corrective actions undertaken will seek to meet the demands of our customers and suppliers and contribute to the achievement of sustainable development, pledging to minimise the possible harmful effects to the environment and the continuous improvement of environmental practices.

COGEN guarantees compliance with all legal requirements at European, national, regional and municipal level that affect the process, as well as those established contractually with customers and suppliers, which are also included within the scope of the organisation’s management system.

The Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety Policy will be aimed at improving the proper functioning of the organisation, its capacity, efficiency and effectiveness. To this end, it establishes annual, measurable and evaluable objectives which the Management will review at the yearly meeting with those involved in the Quality, Environment and Health and Safety at Work Management System, in order to ensure its continuous adaptation.

The management of COGEN declares its full commitment to the Quality and Environment Policy and undertakes to back this up with the corresponding Quality, Environment and Health and Safety at Work Manual, and assuring its dissemination, publicising said policy to all its employees, keeping it at the disposal of both workers and any other person who requiring such information, by written or computerised communications.

Date: 01/09/2021
Joint administrators:

Signed. Antonio Quílez Somolinos
Signed. Johannes Niemetz

· Quality, environment and occupational health and safety policy_signed
· Certificate UNE-EN ISO 9001
· Certificate UNE-EN ISO 14001
· Certificate ISO 45001
· Certificate RSE 100
· Best Practice Manual